libptpmgmt  1.3
libptpmgmt library that provides the functionality of linuxptp pmc
c Directory Reference
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file  callDef.h [code]
 Base classes with callbacks for message dispacher classes.
file  cfg.h [code]
 C interface to configuration class.
file  err.h [code]
 Get Last Error happend in library, C API.
file  init.h [code]
 C interface to initialize a pmc application class.
file  json.h [code]
 Convert a management or a signalling message to JSON.
file  mngIds.h [code]
 Management IDs enumerator.
file  msg.h [code]
 Create and parse PTP management messages.
file  msgCall.h [code]
 Messages dispatcher for C.
file  opt.h [code]
 C interface to command line options parsing class.
file  proc.h [code]
 PTP management TLV structures.
file  ptp.h [code]
 C interface to network and PHC classes.
file  sig.h [code]
 PTP signalling TLV structures.
file  sock.h [code]
 C interface to sockets classes.
file  types.h [code]
 Types, enumerators, and structers used by C interface to PTP management messages.
file  ver.h [code]
 Version functions for C.